Farm Products

All our products are grass fed & pasture raised!

Pastured Broilers (chicken meat): Moved EVERY morning to fresh pasture, fed a GMO-free whole grain feed ration, butchered humanely in a sanitary open-air environment. A tender and FLAVORFUL meat with a rich golden yellow fat.

Pastured Eggs: Hens raised on pasture produce eggs with two-thirds more vitamin A, twice the omega-3 fatty acids, three times more vitamin E and seven times more beta carotene. Tests show that pastured eggs have one-third less cholesterol and a quarter of the saturated fat. In addition, fresh eggs from pastured hens taste better and provide more "lift" in baked good. ->-> More info 

Pastured Beef: The biggest health advantage that comes from pastured beef is that grass-fed beef contains increased amounts of healthy omega-3 fats and two to three times more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) while also having less fat overall. CLA is a unique fatty acid associated with possible health promoting effects in obesity, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation, and various types of cancer, especially breast cancer. Grass-fed beef has an average of three times more vitamin E (vitamin E is a natural defense against cancer, heart health, and vision). ->-> More info 

Pastured Pork: Our pigs spend their time outdoor in wooded lots and pasture rooting, and experiencing the joys of being a pig. They are routinely moved from paddock to paddock so that they can enjoy eating acorns, digging up roots, basking in the sun and scraping on trees :) Their diet consists of pasture and woodland forage, supplemented with milk (from our dairy cow) and certified non-GMO feed from Green Mountain. No antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals. Only the good stuff! 

Honey: This sweet honey from our farm is jared raw and only slightly filtered. Local honey contains many of the pollens, dust and molds that cause most allergies. Studies show that taking repeated "doses" of local honey can help allergies, just as allergy shots do. There are many, many more benefits to "local" honey. ->-> More info

Pastured Turkey: A great grazer will consume up to 40% of their diet from pasture, also fed a GMO-free feed ration, and moved every regularly. Naturally succulent meat with dressed birds ranging from 12 to 23 pounds. If you are interested in purchasing a turkey for Thanksgiving we need a deposit for holding your bird (limited availability)

Products to Come!

Homemade lard soap
Homemade hand cream from bee's wax