Price List & Availability

Thank you to all our supporters in helping to make this farm a place where we as a community can enjoy animals in their natural God given identity where a chicken can be a chicken and a pig and can be a pig! We strive for optimal quality at competitive prices.

Pastured Pork

Our pigs spend their time outdoors in wooded lots and pasture, rooting, and experiencing the joys of being a pig. They are routinely moved from paddock to paddock so that they can enjoy eating acorns, digging up roots, basking in the sun and scraping on trees :) Their diet consists of pasture and woodland forage, supplemented with milk (from our dairy cow) and certified non-GMO feed from Green Mountain. No antibiotics, growth hormone or chemicals. Only the good stuff. 

Pork Shares

Pork shares come with a variety of different cuts including, but not limited to; pork chops, linked and bulk sausage, roasts, ham, ribs, ground pork and it wouldn't be a great pork share without...bacon! :) We are more than willing to work with you on different options (for example; types of sausage flavoring, smoking or not, ham roast or ham steaks, roast or grill cuts, etc.) and are happy to answer any questions. Shares are a great and more inexpensive way to buy local and stock up on some amazing pastured product and is great to split with others! 

Whole Pig Share $890

With a whole pig share, please anticipate about 120-130lbs of meat. You will need additional freezer space, as this amount of meat won't fit in your conventional freezer! 

Half Pig Share $495

With a half pig share, please anticipate about 60-65lbs of meat. A half pig share will most likely require additional freezer space.

Quarter Pig Share $280

A quarter pig share will be approximately 30lbs of meat. This share will fit in a regular freezer. You won't have much wiggle room, just enough for a few special extras... ice cream and frozen veggies (for your pork of course! :)

Ground Pork: approx 1 pound packages $6.50 a lb.
Sausage--breakfast, sweet Italian, garlic & chorizo: approx 1 pound packages $8.00 a lb.
Bacon--smoked-Nitrate-free: approx 1 pound packages $11.00 a lb.
Ham Roast & Steaks--smoked:  $10.00 a lb.
Ham Roast & Steaks  $8.00 a lb. 
Pork Chops--Loin Chops: 2 per package  $8.50 a lb. 
Pork Chops--Sirloin End Chops: 2 per package $8.99 a lb.
Ribs--Southern Style: approx. 1.5 pounds (3 per package)  $8.50 a lb. 
Ribs--Baby Back : 2-3 pounds $7.50 a lb. 
Ribs--Spare: 1.5-3 pounds $9.29 a lb.
Shoulder Roast: 2-3.5 pounds $6.50 a lb. 

Loin Roast--Sirloin: 2-3 pounds $10.00 a lb. 
Tenderloin: approx 1 pound $14.99 a lb.

Grass Fed/Pasture Raised Organic Beef

Ground Beef: approx 1 pound packages $7.50 a lb --Sold out
Stew Beef: approx 1 pound package $8.00 a lb --Sold out
Sirloin Steak: approx size .75 - 1 pound package $ 10.00 a lb --Sold out
Tenderloin/ Filet Mignon: approx size .33-.50 a pound $24.00 a lb --Sold out
Porterhouse Steak: approx 1 pound package $18.00 a lb-sold out
T-Bone Steak: approx 1 pound package $15.00 a lb-sold out
London Broil: approx 1 pound packages $10.00 a lb-sold out
Rib Steak: approx 1 pound package $17.00 a lb-sold out
Flank Steak: approx .75-1 pound package $ 10.00 --Sold out
Short Ribs: approx 1 pound packages $8.50 a lb --Sold out
Chuck Steak: approx 1 pound packages $ 8.50 a lb-sold out
Top Round: approx 2-3 pound packages $8.50 a lb-- Sold out
Bricket: approx 1-2 pound packages $8.50 a lb --Sold out
Beef Tongue: approx 1.5 pound package $5.00 a lb --Sold out
Beef Liver: approx 1 pound package $3.50 a lb --Sold out
*Supplemental Non-GMO grain given in Winter

Beef Quarters will be available Spring of 2017: (125-150 Avg) $4.75 a lb hanging weight (includes all expenses). SOLD OUT!
Pasture Raised Cornish/Rock Cross Chicken
Whole packaged birds: (4-6 lbs Avg) $4.50 a lb.

Pasture Raised Traditional Broad Breasted White Turkey
Whole packaged birds: (15-20 lbs Avg) $4.50 a lb.
Limited quantities available. --Sold out

Free-Range Eggs
1 Dozen Large Eggs: $4.00 

**Our grain is locally sourced from Vermont with no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and is a combination of Non-GMO conventional feed grains, and Certified Organic (Also Non-GMO) feed grains from Green Mountain Feeds Company.

Customer Comments:

I got to try your bacon on Sunday.  Luckily I also had half a pack of store bought bacon that we needed to cook and eat so it gave us an opportunity to do some side-by-side comparisons.  First off, your bacon was delicious!  Your bacon has a rich full flavor throughout the whole piece.  In comparison to the store bought, the store bought felt more like eating air.  It definitely had flavor but it felt more like the after taste was the flavor.  I really appreciate your bacon and I hope to buy more from you. 
Thank you much, very “Crunchy” stuff J
~Matt Sorensen

I bought a ham steak recently from Crunchy Farm. Put it on the grill for about 45min on a low heat and cooked it to a nice golden brown color. After that, I cubed it up and served it with Crunchy Farm eggs that I scrambled for my friends. Needless to say they weren’t only impressed they were dying to know where I got such great eggs and ham! One of the best breakfasts the group won't soon forget.
Thank you Crunchy Farm,
~Robert Mattocks