We are super excited you have found our 'Farm' website.

Crunchy Farm, LLC is located in the amazingly beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire. Being apart of the local community here is a very important part of our farm and who we are.

To tell you a bit of our story. Ruth and I started farming a few years ago, just something small. We found it was something we really enjoyed and were so blessed by it. There is just something ingrained in us to want to be out working the earth and enjoying the animals and receiving the fruit of our labor. There is a passion that we have for it and it just continues to grow. Sharing the farm with others and the amazing benefits, i.e. pork raised outside in the sun and grass, enjoying the land and trees like we do. Eggs from hens that are loved and allowed to spread their wings and scratch the ground, search for the insects they so enjoy. Chickens that eats as much fresh green grass as they want, sleeping in clean pasture and soaking up the sunshine. Those are just some of the joys and benefits that just make us want to shout, "This is farming"!

There was another huge reason for our desire for sustainable farming, that was learning the horrors of the factory farm . The inhumane treatment and wide spead use of chemicals on those poor animal was enough to push us over the edge! It is incredibly unhealthy and unthinkable the way the animals are treated, kept, and fed. "You are what you eat", is such a true statement.
Enjoy your day and eat well,

~Kane Family aka Crunchy Farm